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Welcome to Central Dalmatian islands online travel guide to help you make the most of your holidays. Enrich your holidays by adding some outdoor activities, visiting the Split town and its four stunning islands.

It's worth taking some time to explore these spectacular islands in front of the Diocletian emperor town. Let's take a trip around for a more authentic Central Dalmatia experience.

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Each of the 4 Split islands offers a variety of outdoor activities that you are not likely to find anywhere else. Explore, countless bays and coves, glorious well-preserved beaches, crystal clear turquoise waters.

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Welcome to Central Dalmatian islands, a travel blog, where I share my best travel tips to help you plan your perfect getaway holidays.

N° 1 Beauty – Modra Spilja Cave (Blue Cave)

In 1884, Viennese painter Eugen Baron Ransonnet revealed the Modra Spilja cave Blue Cave on Bisevo to the world. Its discovery marked the beginning of tourism in Dalmatia, and this cave has since become an unavoidable attraction of the Adriatic This cave is characterized by a …

Magnificent Split Islands Hopping in 8 Days

Many visitors will find a thousand reasons for the four Split islands hopping. Some because they want to spend a pleasant holiday; others to explore its cultural and historical monuments; some to relax, sail, and enjoy the most pristine nature. With 1185 islands dotted down …

3 Days in Split to discover all the charms

If you intend to visit Split, Croatia, then 3 days in Split will be enough without worrying that you won’t have time to see as much as possible. Gone are the days when tourists went to Split to take a ferry to some of the …