3 Days in Split to discover all the charms

3 days in Split
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If you intend to visit Split, Croatia, then 3 days in Split will be enough without worrying that you won't have time to see as much as possible.

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Gone are the days when tourists went to Split to take a ferry to some of the nearby islands. Today, Split has everything that makes it attractive and irresistible.

Just a day in Split, Croatia, is not sufficient, but three days in Split can be enough time to discover all the charms of the Diocletian city.

How To Plan Out Your 3 Days In Split

Split isn’t a big town. If you decide to stay there for 36 hours, you need the plan to split your three days into one easy-to-follow schedule.

I divided the city of Split into three areas for this plan to take place in a simple and relaxed way. The order in which you start depends on your interest and habits. 

Maybe you will benefit from the tips if traveling on a low budget!

I suggest starting from Diocletian palace as the city’s oldest core. The second area will be the Lucac and Manus district and the famous Bacvice beach. To finish, you can’t miss Varos district with Marjan Hill park.

3 days in Split Map

Use this link of Split Map (Karta Split) to explore all three districts (use ‘Street View’).

36 hours in Split With The New York Times

This video may seem outdated since it was recorded in 2015, but it can be of great help to plan your three days in Split with some valuable tips to find the best eating places around the city. Enjoy!

Very a fantastic place. Take time to know it. About a week maybe will do, and then you will never go. I was there in 1984, before the great war in Yugoslavia. You will always stand there and look with an open mouth. So wonderful, so beautiful. Split!

To visit Split in 3 days, you must select an appropriate accommodation, whether a hotel, hostel, or private apartment. If you don’t mind the vibrancy and frenzy of the old town, then you can stay inside the old palace

Three Days In Split Card

If you stay for 3 days in Split, you can take advantage of the so-called Split Card. With this tourist card, you can enjoy the very best of Split.

Split in 3 days free card

This card is free for a stay of 72 hours.  With this card, you will get free museum admissions and discounts at some of the city's best restaurants, shops, and service providers.

How much does it cost? It is accessible for travelers staying in Split for more than three days. The card is valid for 72 hours.

Split cardWhere can you get this card?

  • TIC Peristil, Peristil bb, 21000 Split / Tel: +385 (0) 21 345 606
  • TIC Riva, Obala Hrv. narodnog preporoda 9, 21000 Split / Tel: +385 (0) 21 360 066
  • TIC Stobreč, Sv. Lovre 4, 21311 Stobreč / Tel: +385 (0) 21 324 016 

The First Day of 3 Days in Split

Split town Riva Promenade

Bronze gate entranceYou will likely start from the Riva, the seafront promenade to get to know the city. Riva is a pulse of the city, the stroll along the sea, lined with vibrant cafes and pastry shops.

After taking a good coffee in one of many Riva promenade bars, it's time to start your Diocletian Palace exploration. Take the  Bronze Gate entrance (the gate from Riva promenade, once sea access to the palace).

Sometimes, the old part of the city may seem like a labyrinth, but don’t worry as it is very easy to find the way.  It is the entrance to Diocletian underground basements, open daily where you can stroll around exhibitions, crafts, or souvenir stands.

Diocletian Palace basements

On the other side of the basement, take stairs to the palace’s central piazza, called Peristyle. There you will find St. Duje’s cathedral. If you need some refreshments, take a good coffee or some pastries at the Luxor café bar at Peristyle square.

Entering the Diocletian Palace, your tour will start from Peristyle square. The whole area of Diocletian Palace is rich in important monuments starting from St.Duje Cathedral, Jupiter Temple, Vestibule, Silver Gate, Iron Gate, and Golden Gate. All these monuments are within the palace walls.

Besides these important points, there are some Split city highlights, just outside the walls. Places like Pjaca – Narodni Trg square, Grgur Ninski Statue, Marmont shopping Street, and Prokurative Square are ‘must-to-visit places.

Since all these places are rich in historical facts and a rich history, I suggest opting for some walking tours, lasting from two to three hours. It will be of great help to first-time visitors.

The First-Day Alternatives

If you disagree with this itinerary, you can always choose the way around, which will depend on the period you are in Split Croatia. This is particularly evident if you are visiting Split in July and August.

Instead of visiting the Emperor's palace first, why not run down to Bacvice beach first? It’s the best place to cool off for a couple of hours and start exploring the old city core. The distance from the beach to the city center is only 15 minutes walk.

The Second Day of 3 Days in Split

I am sure that the first day of 3 days in Split will be quite busy and tiring, particularly during the hot summer period. For this reason, I propose a much more relaxed second day.

There is nothing better than choosing one of the many boat trips to neighboring islands near Split. Most of these trips last from half a day or eight to ten hours.

Here are some of the most demanding:

1. Blue Lagoon by Three Island Tour

Blue Lagoon Krknjasi

This 8-hour half tour, stopping at the Blue Lagoon, Necujam, Maslinica, and Ciovo is one of the most fascinating excursions. You'll visit three islands around the Blue Lagoon in a single tour.

A full grilled lunch and an unlimited wine and soft drinks bar are available on board, which will make this trip unforgettable. Check availability at the lowest price guarantee!

2. Five Island Speedboat Tour Visiting the Blue Cave and Hvar

Blue cave on Bisevo

Few visitors will miss this excursion. During your trip, visit Hvar, Ravnik, Budikovac, Vis, and Biševo, stopping to enjoy highlights like the famous Blue Cave, the fishing village of Komiža, swimming and snorkeling in Stiniva Cove, and the historic town of Hvar.

It lasts from 10 to 12 hours!

Reserve now & pay later.  Secure your spot. Free cancellation up to 24 hours in advance.

3. Full-Day Catamaran Cruise from Split

Catamaran Cruising

Enjoy unforgettable adventures in coastal Croatia on this full-day catamaran excursion to Hvar, the Pakleni Islands, and Brač from Split.

Get on board a luxury catamaran and take to the waves with a guide. Sail across the Split Riviera toward the Pakleni Islands and soak up fine views over Brač and Šolta Islands. Swim and sunbathe at your leisure in peaceful bays around the Pakleni Islands, then savor a delicious lunch with wine.

Book now and pay later at the lowest price guarantee!

Some Alternative Tours to Take in Consideration

If you have already been on these trips, there are some alternative tours to take some time away from the bustling coast and discover a UNESCO-listed natural landmark on a day trip.

Plitvice Lakes National Park

Two tours will help you discover two National Parks in Croatia. The first one is Plitvice Lakes from Split, which must be a part of your 3 days in Split. Even this tour can be booked now and paid for later, with a cancelation choice 2 days before the beginning of the tour. Check availability!

The second one is the 9 hours tour to Krka River National Park. You have the possibility to choose a tour with a guide including wine tasting from Split or Trogir or a shorter 7 hours tour.

Krka national park

Both tours offer the possibility of “book now and pay later”!

The Last Of 3 Days in Split

Although the first day of 3 days in Split was dedicated exclusively to the old town, Split still has a lot to offer.

A visit to Split is not complete without taking in a view of the city from Marjan hill. And when it comes to viewpoints, there is none better than the Marjan Hill Viewpoint that overlooks the entire Old Town.

View on the city from Marjan Hill

If the Diocletian palace represents the Split city nucleus, Marjan hill dominates the ancient city and stands as a symbol and Split's trademark. No place is so popular and celebrated in Split as this 178-meter-high pine forest hill.

Often called the ‘lungs of the city,' this green hill is the most popular place to escape the city’s busy and chaotic flow of life during the high season in July and August.

It has always been a favorite place for walking, running, jogging, climbing, or riding a bike and some extreme activities like rock climbing. I recommend you take some time to visit this magnificent natural park.

You won't be disappointed if you dedicate one of your 3 days in Split. Marjan forest park covers a broad area, approximately the same size as New York's Central Park. There are several ways to reach Marjan forest Park.

The best way to enjoy this natural oasis in Split is hiking, taking a bike tour or book a kayak tour around Marjan hill peninsula. 

Your walking tour to Marjan will probably start from the Veli Varos district, founded by farmers and fishermen in the late 17th century. Stroll up and up until you get to Cafe Bar Vidilica, the first lookout point with a beautiful view of Split and the nearby islands. 

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