Types of accommodation on islands

There are different types of accommodation in Split County.
The role of accommodation is to provide a safe and secure place for a visitor to stay.

Whether you are planning a trip for a family, a single traveler, or a group of students, there is something to suit everything in the Split County accommodation. 

Above all, this region offers many different kinds of accommodation to suit different budgets, different types of tourism, and different types of customers.

Therefore, I will provide a summary of the different varieties of accommodation, with special reference to Split town accommodation and on its islands. Each of the 4 Split islands will have a specific page.

Types of accommodation in Split town

Considering Split town a busy tourist center, it's important to pick out the right accommodation, that suits your needs. Not all lodgings suit all visitors.

If you are traveling on a tight budget, hotels in Split in the high season may have unacceptable prices.

On the other hand, you can still stay in a good hotel if you are ready to move from the city center. A small village, Podstrana (only a couple of miles) is the right place for you.

Podstrana offers good and affordable 3 stars hotels. My preferable hotel is San Antonio Podstrana.

Split cheap hostels are the best option for budget travelers. Recently hostels in Split have resolved the biggest town problem, the lack of lodging.

Choice of lodging in Split County

Apartments types of accommodation
Renting a private apartment is often the best way to stay in Croatia, and it’s the best alternative to hotel accommodation.

The Best Split hostels

Hostels types of accommodation
Most hostels in Split are backpacker-friendly with helpful and polite owners, ready to provide all tourist services you might need.

Top Hotels in Split

Hotels in Split
When looking for hotels in Split, keep in mind that Split can not boast of having enough hotels, particularly those five stars ratings.

Split Boutique Hotels

It’s not every night you can reside in the heart of the Roman emperor palace between the imperial chambers and the imperial Peristyle square.

Accommodation on Split County islands

Accommodation on Split islands is slightly different than in Split town. First of all the scenery is quite diverse.

Surrounded by the sea by definition, it is the nature of an island to be somewhat secluded. Have you ever dreamed of just waking up, getting out of the house, and immediately jumping into the sea?

If you like sandy or pebble beaches, whether you want to find an apartment by the sea or in solitude, Split islands are a place for you. Have a look at the best island beaches!

Recommended lodgings on Split islands

The positives sides of the island's accommodation:

  1. The landscapes are paradisiac!
  2. The weather is amazing! 
  3. The activities to do are awesome!
  4. Live a relaxing and simple life far from the stress of big cities!
  5. The prices are lower!
  6. You will be far from your family & friends!
  7. Some best parting places!

Brac island

Brac island accommodation

Hvar island

Hvar island accommodation

Solta island

Solta island accommodation

Vis island

Ciovo island

Ciovo island accommodation

Lastovo island

Lastovo island accommodation