Bisevo island
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Bisevo island is the most distant inhabited island in the Republic of Croatia and the only island reachable from another island by ferry. To arrive at the island of Bisevo, you have to take a ferry from Split to the island of Vis and then a bus to get to Komiza.

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From Komiza harbor every day at 8 AM, the departure to Bisevo is scheduled by state boat line no. 612, which you must take to reach the Porat bay at Bisevo. The journey lasts for around 1 hour and 20 minutes.

Since the beginning of World War II,  the island had about  200 people living there. The main settlement on the island was Polje, where the school was until 1961. Today this island is uninhabited.

Due to its geographical position, Bisevo island is exposed to high waves and strong winds from the West and the south and north. Calm sea is relatively rare.

There is no water supply network or drainage system on the island, one of the main reasons for the island's accelerated depopulation. Most of the inhabitants moved to nearby Komiza. They remained attached to their island, where they still own vineyards and olive groves and mostly stayed during the summer.

The island of Bisevo is protected by EU environmental standards Natura 2000, and an underground wastewater treatment plant is expected to be installed soon.

What makes Bisevo island so special?

When you decide to explore and enjoy in and around Split islands, it's worth making the additional efforts to see some beyond doubt extraordinary sights. One of the highlights for many tourists is a full-day tour to the magical caves and coves of Vis and Bisevo.

Just five nautical miles from Vis Island lies one of Croatia's most unusual natural phenomena on the island of Bisevo – the spectacular Blue Cave (Modra Spilja). Its interior is an indescribable intense blue color due to rays of the sun, which penetrate through a single opening in the rock.

The lighting effects will be like no other you have ever experienced. But if you add the island's stunning nature and splendid sandy beaches, all visitors leave Bisevo short of breath at such astonishing sights!

If you really want to experience the full charm of the Blue Cave, the optimal time to be there between 12 pm – 2 pm. This is a magical time to admire the play of the sun’s rays and the bluest sea color.

Blue cave on Bisevo

Bisevo island highlights

Since it is a relatively remote and inhabited island, which can only be visited by the sea, the best way is to hire a boat or take one of the many organized tours to visit it.

There are many reasons to visit this small island and its coastal line mostly represented by high cliffs:


This island has many beautiful beaches. One of the most beautiful is Porat cove, with a beautiful large sandy beach. The beach is facing west, and it is hidden from strong winds. There are a small beach bar and a fish restaurant where you can enjoy the freshest food you can imagine and excellent Plavac (red) wine from Bisevo.

Porat Bisevo cove with sandy beach


The caves are the most attractive highlights of this island. The island's rocky coast hides many bays and a large number of caves (26 according to locals that know the island very well).

Of the numerous coastal caves, the most famous is Modra (Blue Cave and Monk Seal Cave (Medvidina spilja).

The Blue Bisevo Cave is located on the east coast of the island in Balun Bay. It consists of two halls with a total length of about 36 m. It is hollowed out by waves and partially submerged. Through a natural opening below sea level, sunlight penetrates in the middle of the day, illuminating the cave walls with blue and objects under the sea with silver color.

Monk Seal Cave (Medvidina spilja) is located on the island's southern coast, below the island's highest peak, Strazenica. This cave is a 160 m deep cave that narrows towards the bottom, a small pebble beach. A Mediterranean seal once inhabited the cave, and it was named after her. The entrance to the cave is 14 meters wide and 20 meters high.

How to visit this island

There are many ways to visit this spectacular island. Suppose you plan to visit it on your own, then hire a private boat from Komiza town. There are inflatables for rent, but keep in mind that a navigation license is mandatory. Rental prices are rather reasonable, from 120 € to € 150 (daily price). They are registered for 6 persons.

From Split town you can reach Vis island, taking a regular ferry boat or fast catamaran. The second one usually operates in the summer season. Check how to get to the Split islands page with a detailed ship schedule.