Blue Lagoon
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Blue Lagoon Krknjasi

Blue lagoon Krknjasi islands is not a typical lagoon created by the coral reefs that we can find around Caribbean tropical islands. The main feature of lagoons is a shallow bed with a crystal clear blue sea inside.

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There are no coral reefs along the Adriatic coast, but it does not mean that there are no blue lagoons. This lagoon makes part of Trogir Riviera.

Blue lagoons along Croatia's Adriatic coast lie between several small islands, which are usually separated by the shallow lagoon.

Why are they called blue lagoon Krknjasi?

Since the Adriatic sea around the Croatian islands is always crystal clear, the shallow water inside the lagoon is clear, so you can easily see the sea's bottom. You can even see all kinds of fishes and other sea animals on the lagoon bottom.

Because the sea inside the lagoons is always crystal clear, you will find all kinds of sea urchins on the bottom.

It is a sign that the sea of the lagoon is clear and not contaminated. The sea urchins are not dangerous because they slowly move at the bottom of the sea. It would be best if you only took care not to step on them.

Blue Lagoon Map

Blu Lagoon map

The map shows the lagoon position on the eastern part of Drvenik Veli (Big) island. Two smaller islands, Krknjas Mali (Small) and Krknjas Veli (Big), form the Blue Lagoon.

What To Expect?

Blue Lagoon Krknjasi islands are the most visited destination. It is one of the most popular beaten track for all visitors. If you visit Dalmatia, it is hard not to visit this beautiful lagoon.

It lies on the western side of the Solta and Ciovo islands. It is 13 nautical miles far from Split and 6 NM from Trogir. It takes around 30 minutes by speed boat to get there from Split and only 10 minutes from Trogir.

When you enter the lagoon, the blue color and the sea's clarity is the first thing that fascinates every visitor.

Don't forget to bring the snorkeling equipment to have the perfect opportunity to experience the Blue Lagoon's natural world.

This area is known for dolphins, so keep your camera ready when you come on one of many day trips.

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