Cruising on gullets ships

Cruising is a great way to take a vacation. Chartering a gullet gives you the freedom, a cruise liner or a hotel cannot offer you.

There are no fixed itineraries, so you are free to go where and when you please, visiting ancient sites and ruins, swimming in clear water and isolated caves, dressing as you like, and eating what you imagine.

Family Cruise

Wish to travel to a destination with your kids and check the most that that country has to offer?

Are you worried kids will not like bus drives and daily trips to different location from your hotel?

Are you scared of all the logistics? Well, the logistics could hardly get easier than on a cruise, where your hotel room travels with you.

If you are considering going on a cruise with children or teenagers, here you can find a list of gullets that have specific family-related or kids/teens programs. They are usually held during spring break or summer vacation time.