3 Top Attractive Dalmatia cycling activity

Dalmatia biking activity
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Dalmatia cycling activity is one of the most popular vacation adventures. It is ideal for getting around since it doesn't require any fuel. It's environmentally friendly and helps you stay in shape.

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Cycling also helps you get to know the destination better, its historical and natural sights, and it makes taking breaks at restaurants and cafes easy.

You can quickly get to places not in any travel guides, like hidden bays, and there are many places on Centrale Dalmatia islands.

This time I have explored the best cycling routes on three islands in Dalmatia – Brac, Hvar, and Vis. Most of them have cycling routes and offer many guided cycling tours.

Some island cycling routes are listed, and some are not. You can hire a bike already in Split town, or if you prefer, you can rent bikes at your island destination.

Remember that you'll have to pay for bike transport, so check the price before buying the ticket. The bike price depends on the destination, but it starts at €2 for a short trip and never exceeds €10. Don't forget that Jadrolinija (a local ferry company) does not allow bicycles on catamarans.

What Dalmatia cycling activity looks like?

Most biking holidays on Central Dalmatia islands are hop-on, hop-off trips. It's essential to make a plan for your cycling adventure in advance. First, you should know the ferry times.

The second important thing is knowing the cycle routes where to start. If you start from Brac island, take a look at this island's cycling routes that will be of great help.

If you decide to start from Hvar island, the ferry from Split to Stari Grad (Hvar island) is the best option. On this website, you can find all-island Hvar cycling route maps.

Stari Grad cycling starting point
Stari Grad (Hvar island)

What are the island's cycling routes like?

To start your cycling activity on an island, you won't need to be super-fit to set out on a biking tour. The roads that most tour operators choose are quiet and safe.

The hilly and steep ground will delight mountain biking fans, but even those who prefer classic cycling will not be left out.

There are various trails, marked, unmarked, more and less arranged, but they all have one thing in common – they are in a beautiful landscape that will leave you breathless.

Among the many bike trails in Dalmatia, the islands boast some of the most beautiful. Therefore, I have decided to mark the most beautiful courses on Hvar, Brac, and Vis.

Dalmatia Cycling Activity – Brac Island

The island of Brac has a total of 25 cycling routes. The longest one on the island, St. Georges's way, is 180 km long and goes around the entire island, starting from Supetar.

This route is one of the most challenging routes on the island. The ones who can prove to finish it successfully get the King of Brac certificate issued by the Supetar Tourist Board.

Let's start with the Dalmatia cycling activity map on Brac island. The trails in red are island biking routes.

Dalmatia cycling activity - Brac island

If you'd like to take a more straightforward route, choose St. Roko's course by the sea – from Supetar to Mirca and Sutivan. The trail is 14.1 km long, combining asphalt and macadam roads. It's ideal for families with children. Don't forget to take breaks and swim in the most beautiful bays.

History enthusiasts will love the thematic routes in Sutivan.

Tramuntana, the third route leads to the center of Sutivan – to St. Roko's hill where St. Roko's church from the 17th century is located together with catacombs – underground graves.

If you're feeling courageous and fit, try taking down a 109 km long route Medulla from a fishermen's village Milna on the west over Lozisca, Dracevice, and Nerezisca, passing by the highest peak on the Adriatic – Vid's hill (Vidova Gora).

Then it's downhill to Bol and then through Selca and Sumartin to Povlja. It will take approximately 5 hours and 30 minutes to finish this route. This one is the most interesting Dalmatiaa cycling activity trail.

Where to stay on Brac island?

Dalmatia Cycling Activity – Hvar Island

Cycling on Hvar is the best way to discover natural beauties and hidden places all over the island. I think Hvar island has the best Dalmatia cycling activity.

The Island of Hvar has a new cycling map that contains 13 different routes from Hvar to Sućuraj. More about courses you can find out on the Dalmatian biking club website.

Below, you can examine the biking Hvar island map. The map indicates only several most popular Dalmatia cycling activities between Hvar town and Stari Grad.

Let's start with the Dalmatia cycling activity map on Hvar island:

Dalmatia cycling activity Hvar island

With a significant number of sunny hours, 2724 hours of sun per year, and of course, pebble beaches attract many visitors in search of excellent summer vacation.

But Hvar has something else to offer. It is an ideal destination for cycling lovers. Hvar is covered with hills and steep parts, making it great for mountain bikes (MTBs).

Rent your bike at several places in Hvar or Stari Grad and go on an adventure of discovering the beauty of Hvar on two wheels.

Dalmatia cycling activity routes on Hvar island:

I recommend two trails:

  • Purkin Kuk route starts in Stari Grad. It passes by the port and turns to Velo Grablje. If you stop in this little town surrounded by hills and olive yards, it will delight you with its old stone houses. Then comes the most challenging part – climbing to St. Nicolas, Hvar's highest peak (626 m). Next is going downhill to Dol, passing through Starigradsko polje (field)  and, at last, going back to Stari Grad. It will take you a bit less than 2 hours to finish this 21.5 km long route.
Hvar cycling trail
  • The Kabal cycling route, named after the Kabal semi-island, is 24.7 km long. Just like Purkin Kuk, this route starts in Stari Grad. Then it goes toward Rudine and turns to a macadam road leading to Kabal. The trail splits into two lanes taking you to two semi-islands. Take your time and explore the numerous hidden bays here. Don't forget to bring your bathing suit and your beach towel with you. On your way back to Stari Grad, the route goes over the hotel Arkada's walking zone and ends close to the Tourist Board's office. It will take you 1 hour and 45 minutes to finish this route.

Where to stay on Hvar island?

Dalmatia Cycling Activity – Vis Island

The most remote Croatian island is heaven for tourists. Almost 50 years of political and geographic isolation have contributed to the untouched beauty of this island.

Hills of Vis, endless vineyards, macadam roads, and picturesque Mediterranean houses tempt adventurous bicyclers. Considering low traffic, you can also cycle on asphalt roads on Vis.

Let's start with the Dalmatia cycling activity map on Vis island:

Vis island cycling map

20 km long cycling route goes from Vis port over Prisma up to Kriz (Cross) hill where Velo Poje is situated. Then you go down an old road to Lokva, passing by a small lake. One more descend to Milna bay with beautiful beaches for relaxing and swimming. This cycling route is suitable for all types of bikes.

The second route you can take is similar to the first one. The difference is taking a turn to Komiza at Lokve (follow the signs) on an old road.

Turn to Marine Zemlje (Earth) and over village Zuzec (Stiniva bay and Vela and mala Smricevica lie underneath) and go through Dracevo polje (field) toward Podspilje.

Go downhill to Komiza town, where there's a view over Komiza bay. If you're not tired, take the turn to Vis, go up St. Michael, and relax before the last downhill turn to Vis port.

You can rent a bike in Vis. Employees will help you find the best bike and route for you.

Vis island cycling activity

Where to stay on Vis Island?

The best Dalmatia cycling activity in Split, Croatia:

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