Split Dalmatia islands map

Have you ever planned your vacation on one of the 4 Dalmatia islands? If you haven't, now it's time to find all info about each of these four islands.

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But, don't worry, I'll explain to you everything about Split. Who knows a city better than the one who was born there?

Maybe some of you remember my website about this town, but this time I'm going to talk about its 4 stunning islands, standing just in front of it.

Split Croatia promenade

Where are the 4 Central Dalmatia islands?

Are there only four or perhaps even more? There are many more!

I'm going to talk about those that can be reached by ferry or by car. If you are affectionate with sailing, you can reach all, even the smallest ones.

Among many islands in Split County, one of them isn't considered an island but as a peninsula. It's Ciovo near Trogir town.

To find out where are all Split islands, visit the Split islands map page to get an idea of how big they are and how distant they are from the Split town ferry port.

Two of four Split islands are just in front of the Split town. Both islands are visible from the town's promenade. The other two islands can be seen only from Bikovo and Kozjak mountains, situated in the town's background.

Central Dalmatia Islands

Every of 4 Split islands is inhabited, but each one has its special splendor and uniqueness. Each has its own “the most.” I will discover a few of them for you, but I know that every one of you will discover at least one island of your own in Central Dalmatia. There's plenty to choose from!

Let's get started with their names. The smallest one is Solta, the closest to Split town. The second one is Brac island, the highest one.

The third is Hvar island, the longest one and the most famous. The fourth one is Vis island, the most distant and the most mysterious.

Why you should visit these 4 Split islands

If you visit the Split town, your holidays won't be complete without visiting not only one of the four islands.

You'll miss some picturesque island villages liven up by the local people and tourists who wish to get closer to nature.

While separation from the mainland can sometimes be a handicap, it also protects from the factory chimneys and other misfortunes that come with civilization.


Instead, there are vast lavender fields, ancient olive trees, and vineyards, in immaculate harmony between man and nature.

There are wine and olives, so a guest wishing to get closer to nature will stop at a small inn rather than a top-quality hotel restaurant. He will taste real homemade wine instead of some costly sparkling wine.

Through the centuries and life's sufferings, an oasis of culture has remained here, a testimony to the identity, despite the many attempts, some temporarily successful, to destroy it.

For more info, don't miss to visit a frequently asked questions (FAQ) page, with a list of answers to typical questions that travelers usually ask before they decide to visit one of these islands.

The Best Way to visit Central Dalmatia islands

Island hopping is an easy and affordable way to explore each of these 4 islands nested in front of Split tow. Vicinity of Split airport and a big Split harbor, with catamarans and car ferries running daily between most of these islands. Read more about how to reach these islands!

These islands' geography makes a far better and easier island-hopping than among Greece islands, where crossings can easily extend even to 12 hours.

All central Dalmatia islands are relatively close to the mainland. From Split to Brac you will need 45 minutes to reach northern side of the island. Getting to Hvar island (Stari Grad town) will take you less than two hours. Even Vis island, the most distant from Split, is only two and a half hours away.