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Dubrovnik Dalmatia town

Dubrovnik Dalmatia is one of Croatia’s most popular destinations, with hundreds of thousands of tourists visiting every year. This town of a long-standing tourist tradition is always ready to meet its visitors’ most sophisticated requests.

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The town of museums and festivals, the city of taverns and restaurants, the place of a mild Mediterranean climate and beautiful landscapes confirms the famous saying of the Irish writer Bernard Shaw:

Those who look for a paradise on earth should come to this town.

Isn’t it a sufficient reason for you to set out for Dubrovnik (Ragusa) and verify this statement? If you plan to visit Croatia, without visiting Dubrovnik Dalmatia, it is like visiting Italy, skipping Rome or Florence!

Dubrovnik Dalmatia Old City Map

Dubrovnik Dalmatia old city map

Dubrovnik Old City Walls

Exploring Dubrovnik walls is certainly the first thing that all visitors want to do. The walls are ranked number one of all top sights to see or things to do in Dubrovnik.

Dubrovnik walls are not only the highlights of town’s history and architecture but an example of Dubrovnik people’s eternal love of freedom and independence.

These walls resisted Ottomans threats, devastating earthquake in 1667, and several terrible months of Serbian forces shelling (in 1991) the entire city, but all the wounds seems to be cured now and the restored city walls seem unconquerable as they once were.

The entire inner city is enclosed by massive walls and fortifications, which were built, reinforced and expanded from the 12th to the middle of the 17th century.

The main wall is almost 2 km long. The wall toward the land is from 6 meters wide and the wall facing the sea is from 3 meters wide and in some places up to 25 meters high.

Dubrovnik Stradun Street

Stradun main Dubrovnik old town street

This promenade which is only 300 meters long represents a unique setting where you can best feel the ‘pulse of the city‘, the place of all public feasts and processions.

What Split’s Riva promenade means for Split inhabitants, Stradun has the same significance for the residents of Dubrovnik.

Stradun is sometimes called street-salon for its special feel and look of the street, paved with stone blocks, polished to shine as a wooden parquet.

This town’s main artery was once a shallow sea channel, dividing the town in two settlements. The channel was covered with earth in 12th century when both settlements were fortified by a single city wall. The Placa street was paved in 1468.

Its present look dates after the devastating earthquake in 1667 when the main street was reconstructed. The second time Placa was damaged was during the Serbs attack in 1991 when numerous shells heavily damaged this cobblestone street.

Dubrovnik Stradun Highlights

Stradun stretches from the east to the west, and once you enter the ( Stradun) Placa from the Pile Gate, immediately on the left you will notice one of the main entrances to the city walls.

Next to the walls entrance there is a beautiful Renaissance church of the Holy Savior (Sveti Spas), the only church that survived the 1667 earthquake.

Walking on, next to Holy Savior church, you will pass by the large complex of the Franciscan monastery which lateral facade runs parallel along the Dubrovnik Stradun street.

Don’t miss visiting this monastery, once one of the richest churches in Dubrovnik and its famous pharmacy, the third oldest functioning pharmacy in the world. Find out more about Monastery!

At the opposite end of Dubrovnik Dalmatia Stradun, on Luza square, stands the most splendid building, the Sponza palace, built in the period from 1516 to 1521.

Dubrovnik Dalmatia Sponza Palace

Sponza palace has a unique role during the special opening ceremony of the Dubrovnik Dalmatia Summer Festival. This is the only palace in Dubrovnik Dalmatia that preserved its original look as it was not damaged in 1667 earthquake.

Dubrovnik Game of Thrones Locations

Dubrovnik Thrones Filming spots

Each year there’s more and more Game of Thrones fans flocking to view the unique filming locations of their favorite show.

Consider checking out this popular Game of Thrones tour of Dubrovnik which will show you the best parts of the city, but also tell you which locations were used for scenes in each Game of Thrones season.

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