Facts about me

Hello! Would you like to know all facts about me and the four Split islands website? My name is Pero, by my help your trip to Split islands will be a memorable experience.

I’m sure you will start your trip from Split town, the Roman Emperor Diocletian’s ancient home.

In my beautiful city, Croatia’s Dalmatia region’s capital, you will find a unique mixture of Roman, medieval, and Renaissance architecture, forming a spectacular Mediterranean feeling.

Split has always been just a ferry terminal in the past, a place to catch a ferry to reach one of the stunning Split islands: Hvar, Brac, Vis, and Solta. But not anymore!

It’s a city that deserves your attention for a day or two or even a week. Just slow down and stop, look at the amazing highlights that extend not far from Split town.

I know from experience that after spending a few days in Split, you’ll wish to visit at least one of the four attractive islands. It would not be a bad idea to combine, one day in Split, with a half-day trip to Brac or Hvar. But I leave that to you to decide.

I am here to provide you with all the information about what to do and how to reach any of these four islands.

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All facts about me and this website

I’m just retired now and no longer an active travel agent or a tour operator. I desire to provide all visitors with a completely independent data source about my hometown and its stunning islands despite everything.

Just think of me as your friend and personal holiday guide.

I’ve been working hard for your holidays so why not make the most of it! I’ll make your travel as simple as possible and learn about these islands, and many tourists don’t always discover.

I’ll provide you with essential information facts about me and Split’s islands:

I’m here to answer all these questions and provide you with independent advice and recommendations. To get started with the info you need most, check my main menu at the top of this page or the sidebar to the right.

I’ll recommend only partners that can be trusted. I’ve visited all of these interesting attractions and neighborhoods, taking all local tours, cruises and taking part in the best trips, trying to stay informed.

You are going to love any of 4 or even 4 Split Dalmatia islands, whether you’re on your own, with special someone, with friends, or with your family. Would you love to know how?

  • To take some adventure tours? Maybe something like extreme canyoning or rafting or zip line adventure?
  • Taking a personalized, one or half-day cruise at one of the local cruising boats?
  • To take an island hiking or bike tour?
  • To take a day trip to a nearby National Park?
  • To visit some natural beauties, like caves or beaches?
  • To take part in lavender or wine harvest?
  • To take part in the nightlife tour to meet all party lovers?
  • To find the top eats in island villages?
  • To pass the night at a beach party with some good music?

Stay up to date with everything that happens on the Split islands. Nobody will guide you better when you decide to visit one of them. I’ll do my best to convince you that visiting these magic islands will worth your time and money.

To get more facts about me, check my other website – Beo City.com!

With love,