The Lonely Island of Lastovo

Lastovo island the last paradise
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Many tourists visiting Split Dalmatia County will be surprised to know that on the island of Lastovo, in 2020, there was not a single case of Coronavirus.

Even this island doesn't geographically belong to the Split islands. It makes part of  Dubrovnik Dalmatia County. It is unbelievable that no coronavirus infection cases have been recorded since the epidemic's beginning.

It belongs to Dubrovnik County. The Island of Solta is the most accessible from the port of Split. Car ferry line no. 604 from Split harbor keeps regular car ferry connections. Catamaran fast connection line 9604 -Split-Hvar-Vela Luka (Korcula island)- Ubli (Lastovo) – for only foot passengers. Find out more on the island of Lastovo tourist board website.

The island of Lastovo map


Lastovo island map

What is the reason that the Island of Lastovo is “Coronavirus free”?

The island of Vis also seemed to be Coronavirus free, but some tourists have introduced a few cases of Covid-19 in 2020. It is true that these were sporadic cases but still registered.

It was customary to expect that Vas island have some cases as it has five times more inhabitants, and the interest of tourists was higher in the 2020 summer.

The question is why Lastovo, with more than 15.000 visitors, didn't have a single Coronavirus case?

But they made the story anyway. How could it not be, when the island with 760 inhabitants is already quite isolated from Croatia. From the beginning of the epidemic until today, they have not had a single case of infection.


The islanders are used to isolation. Lastovo – cut off from the world and quarantine for itself. It is an island that the crown has bypassed. 

Choosing small communities and remote islands could become a hit destination to escape the virus and hectic life. 

In 2020 there was no lockdown on Lastovo island. There was no need for that. Locals and tourists have respected all usual precautions.

They have no infections, no numbers, and no panic. Locals say they wear masks because they don't want that situation to change.

Want to know more about the island of Lastovo?

Although this website deals with four Split Dalmatia County islands and Ciovo island (sometimes considered an artificial peninsula), I felt obligated to add Lastovo island as a new getaway destination. Find out how to get to this isolated island!

It deserved to be part of a new destination as this island is a rare example of new natural resources, unique natural habitat, rich in marine and plant diversity.

This island is far away from those usual tourist beaten-tracks places. It deserves to be one of the last paradises in the entire Mediterranean.

Why it should be as in these challenging times, you can have unique, no stress vacations, feeling that Coronavirus has lost the game against Lastovo island.

The History of Island of Lastovo

Lastovo, like all Dalmatian islands, was settled by Illyrian before it was conquered by Romans, making it part of the Roman province of Dalmatia. The Romans conquered and colonized the entire area, retaining control until the Avar invasions and Slavic migrations in the 7th century.

This island experienced the same destiny as the neighboring island Vis in recent history. During the ex Yugoslavia government, it was declared a military zone. You can read more about this island on Wikipedia.

The island of Lastovo, as the Vis island, experienced the same isolation during that period, and only in 1988 when foreign tourists were again allowed to visit the island. After Croatia declared its independence, the Yugoslav People's Army left its bases on Lastovo in July 1992.

How to get to the island?

You can reach the island of Lastovo by car ferry or high-speed catamaran boat. If you arrive by car, a car ferry is your choice (the journey takes less than 5 hours). By high-speed catamaran, the journey takes 2 hours and 45 min.

Getting from Split

Getting from Dubrovnik

  • Dubrovnik shipping company G & V line keeps summer connections from Dubrovnik to Lastovo island.
  • High-speed line N° 9807 by Nona Ana catamaran from Gruz harbor from Dubrovnik – Luka Sipanska – Sobra (Mljet) – Polace (Mljet) – Korcula – Ubli (Lastovo). Check this line 2022 price list!

Where to stay?

The island of Lastovo offers a great choice of private accommodation, apartments, guest houses, or B&Bs all over the island.

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