Lastovo island the last paradise

Lastovo island is one of the last paradises in the entire Mediterranean. What makes this island so unique, even if it’s not Hvar or Korcula?

This island is a rare example of new natural resources, unique natural habitat, rich in marine and plant diversity.

This island is far away from those usual tourist beaten-tracks places. Suppose you are looking for holidays based on private accommodation, including generous offers of fish and lobster, vegetables grown in private gardens offered by helpful local house owners.

If so, this island is the right place for you. It is an ideal place for couples and small family group holidays.

Maybe this review on TripAdvisor by two guests will be more than proof of what this island is.

“The most peaceful place I have stayed in in years. I spent days staring out to sea! Great apartment with a balcony overlooking the bay of Zaklopatica. No shops, no transport. We had to walk fifty minutes uphill to Lastovo town, but we always managed to hitchhike. The apartment was a perfect size for 2, well equipped, clean, modern, and restful.

Milka, our host, was terrific. She sells homemade wine in 11/2 liter lemonade bottles for a few pounds. She supplied us with fresh grapes. The local restaurants were fantastic, but you need to order in advance for anything more than grilled fish.

We shall have to go back for the lobster spaghetti.
I have to recommend this place as we fell in love with the tranquility. We paid about £40 a night.”

Advantages to spend holidays on Lastovo Island

  1. Unique natural habitat is rich in marine and plant biodiversity.
  2. Meet your hosts and learn about their culture is a fundamental premise of all your holidays.
  3. Lastovo island the last paradise on the Mediterranean.
  4. Affordable accommodation for all travelers on a budget.
  5. Most accommodations a few meters from the sea edge.
  6. The holidays without the crowds.
  7. Island Lastovo is “Coronavirus free”?
  8. Reachable from the port of Split.
Lastovo Island

How to get to the island?

Although Lastovo belongs to Dubrovnik Southern Dalmatia County, the best way to reach this island is from Split harbor:

  • If you arrive by car, then a ferryboat is your choice (the journey takes less than 5 hours). I personally don’t advise to use car!
  • By high-speed catamaran. The journey takes 2 and 45 min. The trip stops at Hvar town and Vela Luka (Korcula island).
  • Catamaran (only passengers) price one-way in high season is 70 Kuna (proximately 10 €) per person, for children from 3 to 12 years old – 35 €.
Judita – catamaran to Lastovo island

Few words obout Lastovo history

Lastovo, as Vis island experienced the same isolation during Tito’s period, declared a military zone. It was an off-limits island for foreigners, and only in 1988, foreign tourists were again allowed to visit the island.

After Croatia declared its independence, the Yugoslav People’s Army only left its bases on Lastovo in July 1992.

Tourism bases on private accommodation, offering abundant portions of fish and lobster, offered by nice householders, as well as vegetables grown in their gardens.

The water from its springs supplies Lastovo, though of small capacities, compensated by sufficient quantities of excellent home-brewed white wine Rukatac and red vine Plavac Mali.

Where to stay on Lastovo Island?

Accommodation on Lastovo island is the right choice for those looking for an ideal destination for a relaxing vacation in Croatia.

To enjoy the island in its full beauty, pick one of the apartments near the sea with only a few minutes of walk from the beach.

Almost 70% of Lastovo archipelago is covered with forest which makes it a real oasis of unspoilt nature. Among the forty islets around Lastovo, Saplun, with a beautiful sand cove, is the most popular one.

Those who wish to have an active vacation can enjoy cycling and hiking routes that lead to almost forty small churches from different historical periods scattered along the island that stands as a witness of its rich cultural heritage.

Try Robinson Crusoe style!

If you are looking for something more exciting than Struga Lighthouse is a place for you.

Struga lighthouse stands proudly on a cliff above the bay of Skrivena Luka. Its impressive tower flashes light at 104 meters above sea level.

Cliffs surrounding Struga lighthouse have always been a good source for both legends and real stories. One of the true ones tells us about a giant lobster catch.

One of the giant lobsters caught at the end of the 19th century weighed 18 kilograms. The people of Lastovo presented it as a gift to Emperor Franz Joseph, who thanked them by sending them a large trunk of coffee and sugar.

Moreover, coral divers pulled out a coral weighing 45 kilograms at the very same location. It seems to be the most extensive coral tree ever pulled out of the Adriatic. So look closely into the sea abyss – who knows, you might catch a glimpse of a giant tuna fish or some gigantic turtle getting up to the surface.

Lighthouse structure:

General info – Capacity 4 persons
Area approx. 49 m2
Room (1) double bed, 15 m2
Room (2) double bed, 12 m2
Kitchen 15 m2
Shower-WC 5 m2