Magnificent Split Islands Hopping in 8 Days

Split islands hopping map
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Many visitors will find a thousand reasons for the four Split islands hopping. Some because they want to spend a pleasant holiday; others to explore its cultural and historical monuments; some to relax, sail, and enjoy the most pristine nature.

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With 1185 islands dotted down the Croatian coastline, you have to make a choice! Croatia islands are all easily accessible by regular ferry, have plenty of accommodation possibilities, and are noted for their extraordinary beauty.

To get more information before you decide, look at this article about the best islands to visit near Split, Croatia.

Split islands Hopping Itinerary

It may seem easy to organize an itinerary jumping from one to another island among 4 Split islands! It would be a simple job, but one of Split islands, makes this itinerary a little tricky.

How to visit 4 Split islands, Solta, Brac, Hvar, and Vis, in 8 days? Many travelers have asked me this question. Let me tell you right away that it is feasible.

Before I explain this itinerary more comprehensively, I have to draw your attention to the fact that this is only foot passengers itinerary and not for car owners. If you have a car then you should drive from Split to Dubrovnik.

An important detail in planning this island hopping travel is the period when this trip is possible.  The best period will be from the end of April to the mid of September.

Why is this period the most suitable for four Split islands hopping? In this period almost all ferries and catamarans or high-speed boats maintain all lines with numerous departures and connections to all destinations. 

The island of Vis – an island with problematic connections

Where is Vis island
Vis island

The island of Vis is the farthest island from Split. Many have asked me whether it is compulsory to return to Split after a visit to the island of Vis. The answer is NO.

You can be sure of the continuity of this trip without unnecessary interruptions. But! You have to respect the period when this trip is possible. In addition, you will have to visit Vis only on Saturday or Sunday.

Only on those days are connections between the island of Vis and Hvar. This is one of the reasons why your hopping will start from Split to Vis, as the first destination. For any other Croatian islands near Split, you will not face that problem.

If you start your Split islands hopping on Sutarday to reach Vis island, you will have two days on this island. Instead, if you leave for Vis on Sunday, you'll have only one day to visit this island. (Only on Tuesday you'll have a catamaran to hop on Hvar island)

If you skip this day (Tuesday), you must go back from Vis to Split to take another catamaran to Hvar town. But in this case, you will turn upside-down the whole itinerary, not to mention the additional costs in money and waste of time.

How to arrange an 8 or more days Split islands hopping Tour

Although this plan of Croatia islands' hopping is related to Split Central Dalmatia islands, you can always extend this tour to other islands like Korcula, Mljet, and Dubrovnik. The hopping can be prolonged to 10 or more days in that case.

Let's assume that you plan to make an eight-day trip with the following itinerary:

1. Split to Vis Island – one or two days

Your 4 Split islands hopping will start from Vis Island an island of pristine nature and the island of best local food and wines. This island hides the famous Blue Cave.

It is the most remote island and one of the most mysterious islands. At the same time, If you do not visit this island, your hopping tour will not be complete.

Split islands hopping Vis island

2. Vis Island to Hvar island – two or three days

Split islands hopping - Hvar island

Hvar island is Croatian Saint Tropez. The most famous and sunniest island on the Croatian Adriatic sea. Hvar town is the top destination on Hvar island for many reasons.

It’s considered the most fashionable and chic place after Dubrovnik. It’s a place to see and to be seen.

3. Hvar to Brac island – two days

Brac island will be your third stop on the Split islands hopping tour. It's the best for water sports. Bol town on Brac island is the famous windsurfers’ top destination.

Brac has always been a popular island to visit, allowing visitors to experience the slow-paced island life, and visit Bol, Croatia’s most famous beach.

Split islands hopping  - Brac Zlatini Rat beach

4. Brac island to Solta island – one day

Solta Island

On the last day, on the way back to Split town you should find time to tour Solta paradise island, located only half an hour away from Split.

Solta is so pure and clean and that is exactly why this island is one of the most fascinating places you should see!

Saturday to Saturday – 8 days Split islands hopping

These 8 days of island hopping have to start on Saturday and should start from Split to Vis island, proceed to Hvar, hop to Brac island (Bol town), and end at Split.

Although there is an alternative to start an island hopping tour on Sunday, this would limit the stay on the island of Vis to just one day.

To avoid this, I suggest starting on Saturday and ending on Sunday. That way you can stay two days on the island of Vis.

A visit to Solta island can be planned from Split, the last day of the hopping – Sunday.

Split island hopping tour – Catamaran schedules

Split islands hopping map
4 Split islands map

For this hopping tour to run smoothly, it's important to follow strictly the catamaran schedules. I have to repeat once again that this tour is ONLY FOR FOOT PASSENGERS. Forget about your car because you won't need it.

1. Split to Vis island

Upon arrival in Split, you have to take the High-Speed Ferry from Split to Vis, run by Jadrolinija, a state ferry company. The best period is from June 30th to September 3rd, 2023.

You can book your seat here (only passengers ferry). It takes two hours and 2o minutes to Vis town. To make this hopping doubled, you have to book your seat only for Saturday or Sunday departure (departure at 18,00 – arrival at 19,25). Check the itinerary below!

Split to Vis via Brac and Hvar

Don't miss to book your accommodation on Vis island, before you plan your Split island hopping. If you book your seat on Vis island on Saturday you'll have two days on this pristine island.

Two days will be enough to take a trip to Blue Cave from Komiza town. If you opt for Sunday depart from Split, you'll have only one day to Vis island. It's too short to see this island.

Split islands' hopping - Blue Cave Bisevo Vis Island
Blue Cave from Komiza Vis island

2. Vis island to Hvar island

After you spend two days at Vis island (Sunday and Monday) your next Croatia island hopping destination, will be Hvar island and Hvar town. Don't forget to book your accommodation at Hvar island!

You have to leave Vis island on Tuesday by Jadrolinija fast catamaran at 07,15 AP from Vis town. It arrives in Hvar town at 08,05 AM.

3. Hvar to Brac island

Upon arriving in Hvar town you can plan to stay up to 3 days. You can always take an extra day on Hvar if you stay fewer days on Vis island but always bear in mind that Tuesday is a crucial day (only from Vis to Hvar).

To hop from Hvar island to Brac, you have to take the catamaran LINE No. 9603 in Jesla town. This catamaran runs daily from June 2nd to the 1st of October. It takes only 20 minutes to get from Jelsa to Bol town (Brac island).

To get from Hvar town to Jelsa you can take a bus, a day before (Thursday) to get on a catamaran on Friday that leaves at 06,00 AM. Book your accommodation in Jelsa a day before.

jelsa bol split timetable

4. Brac island

Crociere sulle coste croate
Golden Horn (Zlatni Rat) beach

Upon arriving in Bol town (Brac island), you can enjoy the most beautiful Croatian beach – the famous Golden Horn (Zlatni Rat). Don't miss to book your accommodation in advance as this destination can be overbooked.

You will have two days in Bol town and on Sunday morning you can take catamaran LINE No. 9603 from Bol to Split. It leaves at 06.30 AM, arriving in Split at 07.40 AM.

5. Last day – Solta island

Upon arriving in Split on Sunday, you can book in advance a day tour to visit Solta island, the smallest Split island.

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