Marenda with girice (smelt)
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The story of marenda in Split, a Dalmatian culinary institution was born as a collective experience of the working class and then became a so-called authentic tourist product.

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Maybe this definition was more appropriate thirty years ago when this meal was a part of workers in big Split ex-communist companies, like 3. Maj, a shipyard, or Jugoplastika, a plastic products manufacturer.

However, the modern age has changed everything, but this meal has remained a part of Split tradition. I still remember my favorite yummy, Pasticada meal.

This meal or gablec (name used in the Zagreb area) is a ritual event, a traditional custom in Dalmatian towns and cities, particularly in Split. Read this Tripadvisor review about this meal in one of the famous Split taverns.

It is usually between 09:00 and 11:00, but it can be eaten, rarely even in the late afternoon. It’s a meal with equal importance as a tee time for Englishmen. It’s more popular among the middle and older aged generations.

Brunch In Split Delicious Food

It is usually served between breakfast and lunch, but it has no meaning to satisfy the need for food. It’s much more. It’s the time and place for friends to be together early in the morning. It is the right time for socialization.

This meal is served in Split’s taverns (konobe). The food is delicious and homemade. It is not a surprise that many claim that they eat better in a tavern than at home.

Konoba is a word that means a traditional tavern or restaurant in Split Croatia and other parts of Dalmatia. It is a place where you can enjoy local cuisine, especially seafood, meat, pasta, and wine. Konobas are usually cozy and rustic, with a friendly atmosphere and a simple menu.

Marenda in Konoba Nevera

It is only about a single meal dish and usually a ‘spoon' type of meal. Please, don’t mix this meal with breakfast as they have nothing in common.

How much does brunch cost?  This meal goes with a good wine, usually a “quarter” (1/4 liter) of domestic, black wine that will cost you from € 7 to 15 €.

How to find the best place for brunch in Split

The best way is to explore the old city core, walk around, and visit some taverns.

If you accidentally get into any tavern and if you see a group of local friends that at the same moment are talking loudly and eating a portion of delicious food, they are only enjoying their brunch meal.

Another sign that you are close to a restaurant that serves brunch, is the smell that makes even those fed up more hungry. Trust your nose!

typical brunch menu in Split

Marenda typical menu

I've already mentioned that this meal has always occurred between nine and eleven o’clock in the morning. What kind of food does this brunch offer? The most traditional dishes are:

  • Tripe – tripice in Croatian.
  • Pasticada – beef stewed in red wine and prunes with gnocchi.
  • Pasta Fazol – Dalmatian beans with pasta.
  • Polpete u sugu – meatballs and sauce.
  • Manistra Usuvo – spaghetti and meat sauce.
  • Boiled meat – as veal shank.
  • Przene girice (gavuni) – fried smelts.
  • Tuna pasticada – at Pimpinella tavern.
  • Sipa s bobom – cuttlefish with broad beans (in spring season).
  • Sardela or Sardine – traditionally marinated fish.
  • Black risotto with prawns and clams.
  • Risotto with shrimp and zucchini on white

The Best Taverns For brunch In Split

Many things have changed in the past twenty years but the list of new taverns (konobe) has significantly increased. Below is a short insight into of some the most popular eateries for this kind of meal in Split.

According to my personal research some of the best taverns (konobe) in Split Croatia are:

  1. Konoba Fetivi – a family-run tavern that specializes in regional meat and fish dishes. It got a Bib Gourmand award from the Michelin Guide, which signifies good quality and value. It is located at Tomica Stine 4, Split 21000 Croatia. Read Tripadvisor reviews!
  2. Konoba Matejuska is a tavern that serves traditional Dalmatian cuisine with homemade products and local wines. It is located at Tomica Stine 3, Split 21000 Croatia.
  3. Konoba Marjan – Hidden away on Senjska Street, on the way from Riva Promenade to the First Viewpoint of the Marjan Hill, Konoba Marjan is a splendid little family-owned tavern. Get direction!
  4. Konoba Nevera is located in the Firule district of Split. The interior is conveniently decorated with stone, fishing nets, and other sea decor. It's famous for traditional Dalmatian meals.
  5. Konoba More – This tavern with a long tradition among the people of Split has long since established itself as an ideal place for intimate, family, business, and various gatherings. Find direction!

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