In 1884, Viennese painter Eugen Baron Ransonnet revealed the Modra Spilja cave Blue Cave on Bisevo to the world. Its discovery marked the beginning of tourism in Dalmatia, and this cave has since become an unavoidable attraction of the Adriatic

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This cave is characterized by a light phenomenon that leaves no visitor indifferent. The rich light source gives the rocks, oars, and other objects underwater a silvery-blue luster, as in a cave in Capri, Italy.

The airy stone shoal is illuminated from all sides so that it looks like the castle of some sea god.

During the morning, when the sun from the east illuminates the sandy bottom through the submerged entrance to the cave, the light is largely reflected from the sand.

Where is modra spilja cave

Modra spilja cave

The cave is located on Bisevo island, 5 kilometers southwest of the island of Vis, from which it is separated by the Bisevski channel.

It belongs to Komiza town municipality.

Read what other visitors say about this cave!

The Travel Couple - Chathu & Ishanka
The Travel Couple – Chathu & Ishanka
Absolutely amazing It was absolutely amazing and we were blown away after entering the cave. That blue colour inside was absolutely breathtaking. There's a very small entrance to the cave and only the smaller boats cab get through. Usually the adventure boat tours which starts from split or nearby cities includes the blue cave tour as well. There's a ticket office in a nearby island and there you will be taken in to a smaller boat to visit the cave. From there it's like 10 mins in the small boat and they usually spend another 5 mins inside the cave. It was really an unique experience and one of the highlights of our croatia trip.
Caroline W
Caroline W
Stunning We did the 5 island and blue cave tour. Brilliant. Our boat was clean and comfortable and driven really well and at speed. But at no point was it scary or dangerous. Blue cave is amazing. Busy and did take a while to get the smaller boat to view inside, but again the driver spoke English well and was knowledgeable.
Alexa Bagaric
Alexa Bagaric
Private Boat trip to Hvar We rent a private boat for the day after our wedding in Split to enjoy one more beautiful day with our friends and family. We went to the Beach Club Carpe Diem on Hvar. We had the best time! The cost is clean and the crew is so nice and helpful. You can get Softdrinks and Coffee there as well. Petra was in charge and made our trip even more unforgettable. Last but not least we saw on our way back to split dolphins!!!! I can highly recommend blue cave split to everyone who wants to have a great trip with their beloved once. They offer more destinations as well.Again this was for all of us a brilliant day so thank you very much !!

How to reach Modra Spilja (Blue Cave)?

There are two ways to get to this cave. The first one is taking a ferry from Split harbor, ferry line n° 602. The ferry line between Split and Vis operates throughout the year.

In June, July, and August, the ferries depart up to four times a day. It takes two hours and 20 minutes from Split to Vis town, the capital of Vis Island. This ferry is for either, cars or foot passengers.

Besides this ferry, during the high season, from June to September, there is also a fast catamaran line n°9602,  Split – Milna (Brac) – Hvar town – Vis town. This fast catamaran takes one hour and 25 minutes to Vis town.

How to reach Komiza after arriving in Vis town by ferry?

The Modra Spilja cave is located on Bisevo island, which is only a few nautical miles from Komiza town, the second town on Vis island.

There is good news, the local bus lines between Vis and Komiža are aligned with the arrivals and departures of ferries and catamarans.

 The bus operating from the port of Vis to Komiza town departs several minutes after the ferry arrives. On the way back, the bus from Komiza to Vis town port departs one hour before the departure of the ferry. The current bus schedule can be found here.

The bus stop is at the ferry port. The distance between Komiza and Vis is 13 km. The ticket costs 2,5 Euro and it is a 15-minute bus ride. The tickets can be purchased on the bus and are valid for one ride only.

How to get from Komiza to Bisevo island (Modra Spilja)

A state-owned shipping line no. 612 operates the route Komiza-Mezoporat-Salbunara-Porat, connecting Komiza to Biševo. Take a look at the map at the top of the page.

Komiza Nautical Centre operates on this line with the ship St. Silvester. This line operates in the summer, daily, and thrice a week in the winter.

The accommodation can be booked both on Vis island and on Bisevo.

Tours and Tickets to Experience Bisevo Blue Cave (Modra Spilja)

For visitors wishing to know how this cave earned its name, there are many guided tours from Split and Trogir, including Hvar island.

Modra spilja cave

Bisevo Blue Cave (Modra Spilja) Tours and Tickets

15 enchanting tours of the natural phenomena of the Blue Cave on a full-day excursion from Split or Trogir