One day in Split Croatia Riva Promenade
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Suppose, you have one day in Split Croatia! What to do? I don't think you have sufficient time to admire my town but you still can see some of the most important Spit attractions.

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What is the best time to visit Split? When you are planning when to go to Croatia, it’s important to have in mind exactly what do you intend to do there.

The question is, what to do and see in Split if you plan one day in Split Croatia on your own? How about Split beaches? Are they close to the harbor? Are they worth visiting?

It all depends on how much time you have available, just a few hours, more than half a day or 24 hours. Many people have asked me what to do and see in Split, in their free time while waiting for the ferry to one of the islands.

It wouldn't be out of place to read what others propose what to do in Split and how to enjoy Split in one day, like 24 hours in Split by Chasing the Donkey or one perfect day in Split by Croatiatraveller.

One day in Split Croatia – Essential steps

In case you only have half a day, I would start from Riva promenade. Chose one of many charming bars and while sipping a good expresso or cappuccino coffee, take some time watching a nice looking people around.

After that, start your tour from Bronze Gate ( the gate you enter from Riva promenade, once sea access to the palace). From there you enter to Diocletian palace underground basement.

I don’t intend to overload your one day in Split Croatia schedule, but following some steps can be of great help:

  • Stroll the city’s promenade, Riva
  • Enter Diocletian Palace through Bronze Gate (On Riva promenade).
  • Enter the Diocletian’s basements (Palace’s substructures)
  • Peristyle Square
  • St. Duje Cathedral
  • Jupiter Temple
  • Vestibule
  • Silver Gate – ‘Pazar’ – Split open green market
  • Iron Gate – Old city clock
  • Golden Gate – Grgur Ninski Statue
  • City Squares – Fruit a People’s Square
  • Stroll the Marmont Street to the Prokurative Square.

If you are doing this tour on your own, it will take you approximately 1 hour and 30 minutes. You can also create your own self-guided walk to visit the city attractions. Find out how!

During this kind of quick tour, it's essential that the most crucial part of urban life takes place right there. Although the old part of the city, within the palace and around it, will look like a labyrinth, it is straightforward to navigate.

One Day in Split Croatia
Split belly – Pazar (Green Market)

Follow these steps, and your sightseeing tour will not be just a frantic rush from one monument to the next but also an opportunity to watch the locals in their everyday life.

Indeed, a place that you shouldn’t miss is the city’s central marketplace called ‘Pazar’ (Greenmarket), an explosion of colors, odors, Dalmatia, and Mediterranean flavors. Discover 12 Split town highlights!

The second step

The second step on planing your one day in Split Croatia, depends on how much time yo have. You should include Marjan hill.

Marjan hill has always been the symbol of Split city. After the Split old city core, this hill is one of the top city attractions.

View on the city from Marjan Hill
View on old town from Marjan hill

If Diocletian palace represents Split city nucleus, Marjan hill that dominates the ancient city stands as a symbol and Split's trademark. No place is so popular and celebrated in Split as this 178 meter high pine forest hill.

Your walking tour to Marjan, will probably start from Veli Varos district. It is an old district originally founded by farmers and fishermen in the late 17th century. Walk slowly up and up until you get to Cafe Bar Vidilica, the first lookout point with a wonderful view of Split and the nearby islands.

Bacvice sandy beach

During the high season, mid July to mid August, Split can be terribly hot and sultry. For this reason you can skip some steps of the one day in Split Croatia.

It would be a good idea to find some refreshment on one of the many Split beaches. Many travelers have no idea about Split beaches. The most of them consider Split just as a transit hub to one of the Dalmatian islands.

Many will be surprised when they discover that Split has a several nice and clean beaches in the residential part of the city.

In the east part of Split harbor there are some of the most beautiful urban sandy beaches. The one I recommend is the most popular, Bacvice sandy beach with shallow waters.

Bacvice sandy beach
Bacvice beach

One Day In Split Croatia walking tours

Sometimes taking part in an organized walking tour of Split town, maybe the best alternative if you have only one day in Split Croatia.

You can book different tours in advance like:

As I've already said, Split in one day will be a short time to enjoy my native town, take a look at what to do and see in Split in:

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