Paklina islands Hvar
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If you are looking for the perfect sea scenery to put on your desktop wallpaper, then Pakleni islands have to be your choice. Only God could create this beauty.

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This archipelago, a group of 16 little green islands situated in front of Hvar town, is a green paradise surrounded by a crystal blue Adriatic Sea. Check Split Dalmatia Islands map!

Pakleni islands map

Map of Pakleni islands

Pakleni islands name

Do you know that translating their name in English, Pakleni means Hell islands? Looking at the slides below, they are far from hell, and I would say a paradise.

But even photos worth a thousand words, when you visit them, you will see for yourself that this archipelago is a real paradise on earth.

Their name is Paklinski, or Pakleni islands – baptized so long ago because of their pine bark (paklina in Croatian) used to cook bitumen, a thick resin for sealing vessels. So it's much better to call them paradise islands as they are.

Things to do

There are so many things to do on these islands that I don't know where to start. You won't go wrong if you take a local boat to the first island and spend the whole day swimming and sunbathing. If that's not enough for you, here's what else you can do.

Why not take a  tour of the Pakleni Islands that offer you some relaxing sunny time with your family, children, or friends! Sail into the azure bay in the middle of the untouched nature, swim away and have lunch in some of the numerous restaurants at the beach.

It won't be a bad idea if you take a walk through the woods' greenery. The Pakleni Islands are also the center of diving tourism, another stimulating activity if you want to explore the islands' underwater world. It is a great activity for adults and children.

Saint Clement and Palmizana Bay

The most oversized island of the archipelago is Saint Clement island. Even the Ancient Romans loved to enjoy this beautiful island scenery, so they built an ancient rural property with a pool and extraordinary mosaics on the island's southern side.

Today, there are just a few peaceful little settlements for tourists, far away from the summer crowds. During the 15th century, the Franciscans from the Franciscan monastery used to extract salt and raised cattle.

On Saint Clement island, there is a famous Palmizana Bay. It is the most celebrated bay of the archipelago, suggested by numerous world-famous bloggers and magazines. Palmizana Bay offers a perfect combination of unspoiled nature and beaches and perfectly designed restaurants and waterfront bars.

Join its bustle scene, drink some cocktails, and cool off in the crystal clear sea. Try domestic freshest seafood possible on the restaurant's terrace and admire the turquoise bay's incredible view and luxury boats.