Croatia island map
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Split Dalmatia islands map

On the above Split Dalmatia islands map, you can see all the essential islands along Croatia's Adriatic coast, with 4 islands that belong to the Split Dalmatia County region. Check all about this region on Wikipedia!

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On the map, these four islands are colored in green, while the island Bisevo and the peninsula Ciovo in blue. It is no coincidence that I've chosen these two islands.  

1185 Croatia islands

Croatia has 1185 islands. It's the biggest in the Adriatic Sea. Croatia's archipelago, after the Greek, is the second largest in the Mediterranean Sea.

4 split Dalmatia islands map

1. Solta island

According to its land area, Solta belongs to the medium-sized group of Adriatic islands. However, judging it by its natural endowments, it is undoubtedly amongst the most beautiful.

It is only 16km or nine nautical miles from Split. It boasts of 60 km of coastline with four harbors and 24 bays. It offers the visitor a quick approach and a safe, pleasant stay.

Taking advantage of modern fast boats, one can reach the island from Split town in less than 15 to 20 minutes. Passengers and car ferry will take one hour from Split harbor to Rogac port. 

2. Brac island

It's another island that faces Split town. The island of Brac is only 45 minutes away from Split by ferry. I consider it the most easily accessible island. 

It covers an area of ​​395 km2. It's the largest island among the 4 Split islands. At the same time, it's the third-largest island in the Adriatic Sea.

This island is the highest in the Adriatic Sea. The highest point of the island is called Vidova Gora (mountain) with its 778 m. The name means in Croatia – a viewpoint, from where there is an unforgettable view of the Adriatic sea and islands.

Brac island map
Brac island

It abounds with numerous bays and beaches on both sides of the island. The most important settlements on the island are Supetar, Postira, and Sutivan, all facing the Split town. Milna, on the eastern point of the island, looks at Solta island.

Bol village is the most crucial settlement on the southern part of the island, facing Hvar island. 

3. Hvar island

This island is without hesitation the most beautiful and the most attractive island among the 4 Split Dalmatia islands map. It's also is the most extended island on the Adriatic coast. 

The island boasts of being the sunniest island with 2718 hours of sunshine per year. According to the statistics, Hvar island has the highest January temperatures, 8.7ºC  (47.66°F).

Hvar island map
Hvar island

On the above map, you can see all the most important settlements on the island. Hvar town, on the southeast point of the island, is the capital of the island. On the northern side of the island, there are StariGrad, Vrboska, and Jelsa villages. On the west side of the island is a small village, Sucuraj.

4. Vis island

Vis island is the outmost island of the Central Dalmatia archipelago. It's  71 km (44 miles) away from Split town and 150 km from the Italian coast, surrounded by small islands and islets.

Vis is like a trapezoid; the longest longitudinal line, connecting east and west, is 17km long, and the one connecting north with south, 8km. The area of ​​the island is 90 square kilometers.

Vis island map
Vis island the most remote island

I've added two maps of this island to see two big island bays with two island settlements, Vis, the capital, and Komiza village. On the second Vis island Split Dalmatia islands map, you can see a small Bisevo island with its famous magical Blue Cave.

Vis and Bisevo island

I hope these 4 Split Dalmatia islands map will help you to to orient yourself to find your holiday island and to find the way to reach them.