Island hopping on a budget

Is there any way to save if you are on a tight budget? How much money will you need for your trip to travel among the Split islands?

It wouldn't be fair to say that Croatia is inexpensive. The time when Croatia was one of the most affordable destinations has gone forever.

But even today, visiting the Split islands doesn't need to be expensive, and these travel on budget tips will help you plan better your holidays in Croatia.

The good news is that with a little investigation, planning, and organization, island hopping 4 Split islands on a budget is doable.

You can save money on your Split islands vacation by following these six simple tips:

1. Start from off-the-beaten-path Split island destinations!

Sometimes, it is hard to avoid some trending events, especially when traveling to some fashionable places. For example, you can't miss the Ultra Europe festival in Hvar town.

If you want to save, plan your visit to this event at the end of your stay in Croatia. Keep away from staying in the most expensive destinations.

We all know that Dubrovnik and Zagreb are the most expensive cities, while Hvar is the most expensive island. The villages around Dubrovnik are cheaper than Dubrovnik, and Jelsa is less costly than Hvar town.

Try to be diverse! In visiting off-the-beaten regions, you can save a lot. Take a trip to Krka National Park, and visit islands like Solta, Vis, Ciovo, or Brac island.

Do you plan to start the Split archipelago hopping from Split town? Instead of staying in Split, nearby Podstrana is a great choice!

2. Stay in private accommodation

In Croatia, renting out rooms and apartments has been the best and cheapest solution for decades, and the offers are superior and more significant every year.

Renting a two-bedroom apartment is much cheaper than renting two hotel rooms. Having a kitchen can save you money, and if you are using it, green markets are affordable places to save on always fresh food.

In high season locals offer room renting in four languages (Sobe, Zimmer, Rooms, or Camere). It's the cheapest type of accommodation. Bargaining is allowed and advisable!

Split islands Hvar

3. Save and make plans for a minimum of four-night stays

Owners of private accommodation in Croatia practice dropping the price for the longer you stay.

Many require a 30% supplement on short stays, which helps them cover the extra cleaning and laundry costs. Opting for a minimum four-night stay is a wise solution if you travel to Croatia on a budget!

4. Use public transport!

Getting around Croatia, the bus system is the best. Buses are fast, cheap, reliable, comfortable, and frequent.

Don't use your car to reach any of Split's islands as car ferries are relatively expensive. Consider using passenger boats, ferries, or fast catamarans if traveling on a budget. They are cheaper without the hassle and long queues. 

For example, the ferry one way from Split to Stari Grad (Hvar island) in high season is 47 Kuna ( 6 Euro or 7,50 USA $). If you travel by car, the price for one way will be 310 Kuna ( 40 Euro or 50 USA $).

Compare and easily book bus, ferry, train, or private transfer rides to reach Split islands from Split or Dubrovnik:

Ferry Split Stari Grad

5. Take half-board if possible!

Not all private accommodation owners will offer half-board, but you should take it if they do. Please take advantage of excellent homemade tasty meals with their homemade wine. It will be a good value for money.

If you decide to stay in hotels, opt, if possible, on half-board to save if you are traveling on a Budget. Half-board may be much cheaper than the local restaurants. See more on Split Dalmatia County hotels!

6. Travel off-season!

Prices on Split islands are at their peak in the high season (July and August) and rapidly decline before and after the high summer season. (May, June, September to mid-October).

Everything from accommodation to ferry prices to car rental costs more. Don't exclude travel to Croatia in the winter, as a period of great deals, particularly on spas and wellness centers. See more on Split Spas and wellness hotels!