Split Town Dalmatia capital
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If you ask anyone in Split town what they think of their city, the answer will always be the same; Split is the most beautiful city in the world.

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The city tries to convince you of this as soon as you discover it! The city is full of life and soul, and the friendly local people of Split are waiting to welcome you with open arms.

There are no many cities in the world that can entertain within the city and their closest surroundings.

The city provides its visitors with an enormous amount of antique and medieval history and a joyful outdoor life, typical for its Mediterranean temperament.

12 Split town highlights

1. Diocletian palace with Peristyle Square

The Peristyle is the palace's central square, the most popular among Split town attractions, surrounded by mighty columns.

Due to its unique beauty and unusual acoustics, Peristyle has become the ideal theater scenery, perfect for opera classics and works of ancient literature and the stage of cultural life in Split.

Palace Peristyle square

Having a cup of coffee on the steps circling Peristyle is a unique experience you should try.

2. Cathedral of Saint Dujam (Saint Dominus)

To the east of Peristyle, there is the Cathedral of St.Domnius, the Split town symbol. St Domnius (Sveti Duje, local name)  was the first bishop of Salona, and in his honor was erected magnificent cathedral with a bell tower 60 meters high, built in the 13th century.

It’s one of the Split attractions usually present on local postcards. Visitors can visit four main structures of the cathedral, the bell tower, Cathedral treasury, the crypt, baptistry with the main altar of the Cathedral.

3. Riva promenade

It is the sunniest part of Split town. A beautiful promenade for all coffee lovers, full of elegant bars and restaurants. It's the best place to see and to be seen.

Want to see some of the most beautiful women in the world strolling along? Riva is a place to be.

4. Bacvice Beach

What's Copacabana for Rio de Janeiro? Bacvice sand beach is for Split. Split's main beach is Bacvice, a mostly sandy beach famous for the Picigin game, a game played with a small ball in shallow water.

It is urban, central city beach, situated few minutes walk south the railway station. It's one of the most Split attractions parties venue.

5. Piazza – People’s Square

Exiting the Diocletian's Palace through the Iron Gate, you'll face centrally located square, one of the most popular piazzas in the city and one of the main Split attractions.

Surrounded by stunning buildings like the Renaissance clock erected on a Roman tower's ruins, the first town hall and Renaissance palace of aristocratic family Karepic with the exceptional coat of arms on its facade. On the piazza, there is a legendary City Café (Gradska kafana).

6. Gregory of Nin

If you enter Diocletian Palace through Golden Gate, it is impossible not to notice an imposing over six meters tall bronze statue of Gregory of Nin (Grgur Ninski in Croatian), created by the most famous Croatian sculptor Ivan Mestrovic.

It is believed that touching his thumb brings happiness and the realization of desires. So whether you’re superstitious or not, don’t miss to touch it and make a wish!

7. Fish Market (Peskarija) and Green Market (Pazar)

You shouldn't be surprised to find these two Split town markets among the Split attractions. Both of them are the most vibrant places to visit in Split to savor the typical Mediterranean atmosphere. 

Another vibrant place in Split town is a green market, locally known as Pazar and for many locals the most popular place among Split attractions. It's a belly of Split.

8. Republic Square – Prokurative

Prokurative or Republic Square is a large square with beautiful buildings, located in parallel with Marmont street and facing the Riva Promenade.

The square is surrounded by a set of beautiful buildings on three sides of the square, all built in Venetian style.

The square has been used as an excellent stage for cultural events, especially the pop music festival and the local bars and restaurants, making it a popular venue for Split's citizens.

9. Marmont street

Marmont Street (Marmontova ulica) is a popular pedestrian street that stretches from Riva Promenade all the way to the National Theater building.

The street is named after the French Marshal Marmont during the Napoleonic occupation of Split city. His merit was bringing electricity to Split town for the first time and creating a more viable street grid.

10. Marjan hill

Marjan hill

Often called the ‘lungs of the city‘ this green hill is the most popular place to escape from the city's busy and chaotic flow of life during the high season in July and August.

It has always been a favorite place for walking, running, jogging, climbing, or riding a bike and some extreme rock climbing activities. I recommend you to take some time to visit this magnificent natural park.

11. Croatian National Theater

This impressive building built  in 1893 is  Split Municipal Theater or better known as Croatian National Theater. It's located at Gaje Bulata Square at the end of Marmont street.

This theater organizes about 300 performances every year, with a total of 120.00 spectators. The program consists of 20 to 40 opera, ballet, and drama performances.

Mestrovic gallery

Walking around Split town, the works of the greatest Croatian sculptor Ivan Mestrovic are visible everywhere. To mention two of the most significant parts of Split attractions, Grgur Ninski and Marko Marulic statues.

If you take a walk to the southern slopes of Marjan Hill, you can visit the gallery building and grounds based on original plans of Mestrovic himself that preserves and presents to the public the most significant works of this great sculptor. 

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