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Telašćica Bay is located in the central part of the eastern coast of the Adriatic Sea, in the south-eastern part of the island of Dugi Otok.

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It is surrounded by 13 islands, islets, and six islets inside the bay for its extreme beauty, richness, and importance.

It became a Nature Park in 1988. Telašćica acquired the status of a protected area because of its valuable flora and fauna.

Nature Park is a distinctly contrasted area with quiet and peaceful beaches and a laid-down coastline on one side and wild cliffs on the other.

It is famous for Aleppo pine and holm oak forests on one side and barren karst on the other, an area of cultivated fields covered in vineyards and olive groves.

This Nature Park will be a part of your cruising program on a luxury yacht, MS Swallow, planned for the fifth of August 2023, as a part of Croatia Northern Cruising.

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Parts of Telašćica Nature Park

Basic information about Nature Park Telašćica

  • COVERAGE: the southern part of Dugi Otok, the associated islets, and part of the maritime zone of Zadar County
  • SURFACE AREA: total 70.50 km2 = 44.55km 2 of sea + 25.95 km2 of land
  • ACT AND YEAR OF FOUNDATION: the Act on the Proclamation of Nature Park (Official Gazette “Narodne novine” 14/88) 1988
  • GREATEST HEIGHT ‘STENA' (Cliff): Grpaščak 161 m
  • GREATEST HEIGHT: Mrzlovica 198 m
  • NAME: In the Middle Ages Tilagus – was named for its resemblance to three adjoining lakes connected.

Unusual islands of Nature Park

Taljuric – This unusual islet is actually a small stone plate with a diameter of about 60 m, and a height of only 3 m. It is made of horizontally stratified limestone whose upper layers were shattered by waves.

Telascica Natural Park Island Taljuric

From distance, it looks like a flat surface, only 3high, and it resembles a circular, flat board used in the kitchen and on boats. The sailors named it ‘tagliero' in a Venetian dialect, from which the diminutive ‘taljurić' was derived.