Sail Split to Dubrovnik Below Deck

8 Days

This sail Split to Dubrovnik tour is another special deal for all travelers who live a unique experience. It’s one of four sailing trips in restored antique ships. The only difference among them is accommodation below deck.

All this tours are conducted by extremely high-performing tour operators, all with ratings above 4 stars and reviews present on at least 20% of tours listed.

Here is a short explanation about above and below deck cabins:

Above Deck:

Above deck, cabins are great for less mobile guests as they’re accessible with very few stairs and can provide easy access to the dining area and deck spaces. One of the big advantages of Above Deck cabins is the large windows, which gives the room natural light and allow the fresh sea breeze in. Above Deck, cabins are slightly smaller than their Below Deck counterparts, due to the railing that wraps around the upper level of the ship.

Below Deck:

The Below Deck cabins are the hidden gems of the ships! These cabins sit above the water line and are accessible via stairs. Below Deck, cabins are spacious and take advantage of the additional space saved by not having a railing around the boat on the lower level. Like the Above Deck cabins, below deck cabins have porthole windows, the porthole covers can be removed to allow for natural sunlight to enter as they are above the waterline. A huge advantage of Below Deck cabins is that they are cooler and quieter, providing the perfect space to relax and unwind. Below Deck, cabins are also the most economic choice when deciding between the two options.



Start in Split and end in Dubrovnik! With the Sailing tour Sail Split to Dubrovnik- Below Deck, you have a 8 days tour package taking you through Split, Croatia and 6 other destinations in Croatia. Sail Split to Dubrovnik- Below Deck includes accommodation, an expert guide, meals, transport and more.

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Sail Split to Dubrovnik Below Deck