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Vis Island is the most isolated of all Split islands, the last natural paradise in the eastern Mediterranean, a perfect summer gateway.

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It’s one of the last havens from 1945 to 1992 for almost 40 years was a military island fortress, an island off-limits, isolated, and out-of-the-way to foreign visitors.

Only from 1992 after Croatia was proclaimed as an independent state, Vis finally opened wide the doors to visitors. Its isolation has brought a kind of benefit to this island, making it to be ‘the Mediterranean as it once was.'

Where's Vis island?

Where is Vis island

It is located in the Central Dalmatian archipelago, 30 nautical miles from Split, reachable in two and half hours by ferry or one hour and a half by fast catamaran. Find it on the map!

The island has an area over 90.3 square kilometers, and it rises 587 meters above sea level with Hum, the highest peak.

The whole island is divided between two beautiful small towns and positioned at the bottom of two large bays. On the northeast side are Vis town, the island's capital, and Komiza town, on the southwest.

There is a friendly rivalry between them (something similar like on Hvar island between Hvar town and Stari Grad). Vis town has always been wealthier where the upper-class nobility lived, while Komiza was always related to the working-class, mostly fishermen and farmers.

Vis beaches and natural marvels

The Vis island's rugged coast is spotted with stunning coves, caves, and a couple of sandy and pebble beaches. Here are some of the most beautiful ones.

Stoncica sandy beach

Stoncica sand and rocky beach

One of the most beautiful beaches, Vis Hawaii, is often situated 6 km from Vis town on the northeastern coast of the island. It is a beautiful sandy bay with a small restaurant with a home atmosphere.

Zaglav sandy beach

Zaglav sandy beach

Vis island. The biggest and the most beautiful sandy beach Zaglav is situated 10km south of Vis town, near Milna village. You can't drive to the beach. You have to leave your car in Milna and then walk for about 10 minutes.

Stiniva – Secluded bay

One of the most beautiful hidden and picturesque bays on the Adriatic Sea. The Stiniva Bay is located in the south part of the island and is famed for a very narrow entrance behind which the bay spreads and ends with a 30 meters wide beautiful pebble beach.

Stiniva bay with its pebble beach


The bay is surrounded by 35 meters high cliffs. No road leads to the bay, so the only way is to get there by boat.

Vis island's caves

As the best-preserved island in this part of the Mediterranean sea, the top-visited sights are magical island’s caves.

The Blue cave (Plava) on Bisevo island

On the small island of Bisevo placed in the southwest of Vis island, the most valuable tourist attraction is the Blue Cave. The island is  5 nautical miles away from Komiza or 15 minutes drive by a speed boat.

The Green cave (Zelena) on the small island of Ravnik


On the south side of the island of Vis, in front of the bay Rukavac, there is the uninhabited island of Ravnik. There you can visit the Green Cave.

Monk Seal Cave

Monk Seal Cave is located on the southeast side of the island Bisevo. This 160 meters long cave originates from the fact that the Mediterranean monk seal once massively populated it. Today is in danger of extinction. 

Best things to do on the island of vis


Surrounded by sea from all sides, water sports and activities are the most popular for every visitor to this island. The tour to the island's caves is an unavoidable part of most tourists visiting Vis island. Most of them will take part in day tours from Split town or nearby Hvar island.


Are you interested in diving activity? If your answer is yes, then Vis undersea world is unique to discover. 

Around Vis are around twenty locations with sunken sailing boats and warships, submarines, and planes, making this underwater world one of the most attractive undersea tourism destinations on this part of the Adriatic.

You can dive into Vis' underwater world with several well-equipped diving centers whose owners are also expert divers. According to experts, Vis is a real pearl and a top diving site in the Adriatic concerning its underwater world's wealth.

I personally recommend, diving center ‘AN-MA.' Their address is: Kamenita 12, 21480 Vis. The contact person is Zvonko Nađ. The center is open throughout the year. The center offers complete equipment of famous brands. For more info, check their official website


Sea kayaking – Island Vis, with its intended coastline, numerous islets and cliffs, hidden bays, sandy and pebble beaches, and sea caves, is one of the most attractive kayaking destinations.

The best way to book your sea kayaking tour is to contact the local agency – Alternatura, located in Komiza town. 


If you chose hiking and walking activities, you'd be surprised what this relatively small island can offer.  Walking along the goats' paths marked as walking trails, you can reach any point on the island of Vis in 3 hours.

The dimensions and the shape of the island, as well as the net of its trails, asphalt paths, and roads, enable each walker and passenger to explore all parts of this marvelous island.

Besides the marked mountain trails leading from  Vis and Komiža, there are mountain markers on almost all island trails, which allows for numerous hiking possibilities.

The most interesting hiking trail is passing the island transversally, from Vis across Tito’s caves and the top of Hum (578 meters) towards Komiza. It takes 5 hours for this kind of tour.