Zlatni Rat Beach Resort
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Zlatni Rat Beach Resort is a picturesque vacation destination located near Zlatni Rat Beach on the island of Brac, specifically in the town of Bol, Croatia. It is renowned for its stunning natural beauty and crystal-clear waters, making it a popular choice for travelers seeking a beachfront getaway.

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The resort is nestled amidst lush Mediterranean vegetation, offering a serene and tranquil ambiance for visitors. It provides a range of accommodation options to cater to different preferences and budgets. 

Whether you're looking for a luxury hotel, a cozy guesthouse, or a self-catering apartment, Zlatni Rat Beach Resort has something to suit every traveler's needs.

Paradise at Zlatni Rat Beach Resort

The centerpiece of the resort is undoubtedly Zlatni Rat Beach, often referred to as the Golden Horn or Golden Cape. This unique beach stretches like a slender, sandy tongue into the azure Adriatic Sea, constantly shifting its shape under the influence of tides and winds. Its distinct V-shape, with pine forests lining its edges, creates a postcard-perfect scene that attracts photographers and beachgoers alike.

Visitors to this resort have direct access to this iconic beach, allowing them to indulge in various water-based activities such as swimming, sunbathing, snorkeling, and windsurfing. The crystal-clear waters are perfect for exploring the vibrant marine life, while the sandy shores provide ample space for relaxation and beach games.

Apart from the Brac Golden Horn beach, the resort offers a range of amenities and services to enhance guests' stay. There are beachside cafes and restaurants where visitors can savor delicious local cuisine and refreshing drinks while enjoying panoramic views of the Adriatic Sea. Additionally, there are shops and boutiques in the vicinity, offering a variety of souvenirs, beachwear, and local products.

Zlatni Rat Beach resort Hot Tube

Bol town center is just a short walk away for those who wish to explore beyond the resort. You can discover charming narrow streets, historical landmarks, and cultural attractions here. The town also features a vibrant nightlife scene, with bars and clubs that come alive after sunset.

In summary, Zlatni Rat Beach Resort is a delightful holiday destination on Brac Island, offering a harmonious blend of natural beauty, beachfront access, comfortable accommodation, and a range of amenities. Whether you seek relaxation, adventure, or a combination of both, this resort provides an ideal setting to create lasting memories of your Croatian vacation.


I can provide you with some general sentiments that visitors often express about Zlatni Rat Beach Resort based on common experiences and perceptions:

  • Breathtaking Location: Visitors often describe the location of Zlatni Rat Beach Resort as absolutely stunning. The natural beauty of the area, with its turquoise waters, sandy beach, and surrounding pine forests, is frequently praised and appreciated.
  • Iconic Beach Access: Guests appreciate the direct access to Zlatni Rat Beach, one of Croatia's most famous and unique beaches. The opportunity to relax on the beach, swim in the clear waters, and engage in water sports is often highlighted as a major attraction.
  • Varied Accommodation Options: The availability of diverse accommodation options within the resort is frequently mentioned. Visitors mention being satisfied with the range of choices, from luxury hotels to budget-friendly guesthouses and apartments.
  • Friendly and Welcoming Staff: Many guests comment on the warm and hospitable service provided by the staff at Zlatni Rat Beach Resort. Visitors often appreciate the helpfulness and friendliness of the staff members, noting that they contribute positively to the overall experience.
  • Beautiful Surroundings: The resort's proximity to the charming town of Bol and its picturesque streets is often mentioned as a bonus. Visitors enjoy exploring the town, its historical sites, and local amenities, which adds to the overall appeal of the resort.
  • Recreational Opportunities: Guests frequently mention the availability of various recreational activities both within the resort and on the beach. From water sports to beachside cafes and restaurants, visitors appreciate the range of options for entertainment and relaxation. Check all Brac Island Activities!

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