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Split Dalmatia County islands

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What is the best time to visit 4 Split Dalmatia County islands? When you are planning when to go to Croatia, it's important to have in mind exactly what do you intend to do there.

All seasons have their pros and cons so my advice will be to check first the weather conditions according to the four seasons in various parts of Croatia. To check the weather conditions in Central Dalmatia Country, I recommend visiting Croatia's Meteorological Service.  

In general, from April to September it’s the best period to visit the Split region. Even if you won't be able to enjoy swimming in April, you will certainly find rather warm and shinny weather especially in Central Dalmatia.

If you ask me to suggest the most favorable seasons to go to Split, then I would recommend the late Spring (the end of May and the first half of June), following by early Autumn ( the end of September and October).

You shouldn't be surprised that the summer period (July and August) is not on my favorite list. I know the summer in Croatia will be for most of you, the first preference. Frankly speaking, these two months have more cons than pros features.

Best time to visit Split Dalmatia County islands – month by month

What's the best season to visit 4 Split Dalmatia County islands? Although the tourist season can be divided into a few periods, low, mid, and high, I would say that in general the period somewhere between June 15 and September 15 is the best one.


You can not go wrong visiting Split Dalmatia County islands in May. May is the month that announces the coming summer season but still far from the tourist crowds.

The whole of Split Dalmatia County islands is pretty quiet during this period. Everything is already prepared to receive the first visitors, the hotels are open, the ferry schedule has been prepared by Jadrolinija, the beaches are ready to receive the first swimming fans.

It is not quite beached time as the water is still rather fresh but the sun is already warm to begin your summer tan. (average temperature is 22.5° C (72.5° F) with 273 sunshine hours).

May is one of the best months to visit. It's warm and sunny enough to explore the islands. During May prices are reasonable and you'll enjoy long sunny days. Rates are cheaper, fewer people, all in all, the perfect moment for your holidays. 


June is another peaceful month to visit Split Dalmatia County islands. The days are getting longer and each day is warmer and warmer. The average day temperature is around 27 ° C (80 ° F), night time temperature is rather enjoyable around 19 ° C (66,2 ° F) and average monthly sunshine hours are 307 with an average of 9 rainy days.

June is the month of transition between the low and high seasons. Everything is ready for the upcoming summer season without the usual frenetic Split's harbor traffic, as this going to be in July and August.

June is a perfect time for all kinds of outdoor activities. You can take part in all kinds of outdoor trips from hiking or ordinary walking tours, cycling tours with standard or electronic bikes. June is a great month for all kinds of water sports like sea kayaking, speed boat excursions, catamaran sailing, snorkeling, or scuba diving.  

If you're interested in a kind of extreme sports, why not trying the Cetina river rafting adventure from Split or a full adrenaline sport like zip line ride, or rock climbing. If you're a lover of good food and wine, why not take part in some wine and dine tours.

July and august

July and August are peak tourist months. It's the priciest time to visit Split islands. Accommodation rates soar and rooms throughout Croatia are frequently double the off-season price.

Usually, most visitors complain about the crowds as in these months a lot of tourists from all of Europe (Germans and Italians in August), move down to the beaches and popular island's destinations like Hvar, Brac and Vis.

From a meteorological perspective, you can't be wrong coming in July and August as the weather in Croatia, will donate you a lot of sunbathing and swimming enjoyments.

If you decide to visit 4 Split islands in this high season, don't travel in this period without booking your accommodation in advance. If you can, avoid traveling by car. Book your local ferry in advance. Search ferry schedule and buy tickets online!   

September and October

Many tourists don't believe that autumn in Croatia, can be a good time for vacations. I must say, they are wrong as the period from the second part of September to the mid of October on Split's island, can be the best period for trilling holidays.

There are many pros to visit Split Dalmatia County islands in this month. This is a time when tranquility returns, the beaches are almost empty, ferry crowds are gone forever, all kinds of accommodation can be found at much lower prices than a few weeks ago.

Besides swimming and sunbathing which is still possible in October, there are many sightseeing tours, activities, and attractions to visit in Croatia. This is a period when nature pays off the hard farmer work with some traditional products. 

Generally, this period is ideal for more relaxing outdoor activities. If wine is one of your passions consider planning a trip in autumn in Croatia during early October. It's an ideal occasion for the grape and olive harvest tours. Don't miss some interesting wine tours on Hvar island. 

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